Sunday ramblings

Today is Sunday. And obviously there is no school on Sundays so today is day off!

I’ve started an intense 1 month home-schooling project aiming to upgrade my knowledge about alcohol and alcoholism. For whatever reason, I have never bothered to actually figure out what alcoholism is, which is so weird considering the huge impact it has had on my life. So, I am dedicating the coming month to the project of finding out as much as I can about alcohol and alcoholism. As much as I can within the 1 hour per day that I use on writing blog posts, that is.

But since today is Sunday, I have spent my time thinking about other but equally important things. Such as our internet connection, which now works perfectly. Every time I open my laptop, I check the wifi signal and it is strong and stable. If that wasn’t enough to get me excited, the plumbing in our house has also been fixed so now the water pressure is back to normal.

I probably shouldn’t be so excited about these repairs but I am. Since I have zero knowledge about maintaining anything, any practical problem is a potential disaster to me. When the water pressure fell in our house, I didn’t know what that meant: Should we get the water pipes replaced? Do I need to contact some guy about the water system? Does that imply that I have to serve him coffee and smalltalk? There is absolutely no difference between the weak internet connection, the low water pressure and any other practical problem I might encounter during the day. They are all potential catastrophes that might shatter the pillars of my very existence. And so they need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

I really don’t care about water pressure, gardens, plants, wall paint, electricity or any other practical issue that my adult life entails. I really don’t. But I do care about the problems that these things might generate. And they are all equally disturbing. Take the kitchen trashcan. A huge problem. Some members of my household put too much stuff into the trash bags. Why? Why do they do that? I have explained – several times – to all members of the household what the appropriate amount of trash that can be stuffed into a trash bag is. And, still, at least 3-4 times each week, I open the kitchen door and there it is: An excessively stuffed trash bag. Outrageous!

In my perfect world, some administrative system would take care of all practical matters in order for me not to to deal with anything at all. I could spend my days doing whatever I it is that I do while knowing that some adult with capacities that far exceed my own were in charge of a a well-oiled machine that prevented the potential disasters that all practical stuff constitute from happening. Let’s make that happen!

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